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TERO Compliance Requirements


TERO enforces hiring preferences of Native Americans by contractors doing business with or on & near Acoma Tribal Lands (please refer to TERO Ordinance for more information). If you are bidding on a contract of $10,000.00 or more, then a 3.0% Compliance Fee on the total contract, before taxes, must be included in your bid along with other applicable taxes that are required by the Pueblo of Acoma Taxation Department.

There are several TERO documents that should be read before you submit your bid on a contract with the Pueblo of Acoma. Please click on link below for documents.

Upon successful bid process, ALL Contractors/Employers and Subcontractors are required to submit the following documents and have the Acoma TERO Manager sign off, before any work commences. This will prevent delays in receiving a Notice To Proceed order. Please click on links below for documents:

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